Bogeybox Golf Club adds different dynamic to golf fashion

Monday, March 21, 2016

For golfers that don't like to physically shop but still care about their style on the golf course, Bogeybox Golf Club could help them solve that dilemma.

Bogeybox isn't your typical golf club, however.

"We're a clothing delivery service," said Clayton Balch. "They can do the shopping from their home."

Here's how it works:

After a one-year membership fee of $100, golfers are connected with one of Bogeybox's PGA professional, who not only are certified instructors but also share of passion for golf fashion.

Based on several questions answered by the golfer, the pro puts together outfits for the golfer and ships them to the golfer. The golfer then can try on the outfits and choose which items he/she would like to buy. The rest, they just ship back to Bogeybox.

"There is a big focus on the relationship between the member and the pro," Balch said.

The apparel companies in the Bogeybox selection include notable brands like Nike and Adidas, but also brands like Matte Grey, Mizzen+Main, Q.E.D. and Redvanly.

"We're offering premium clothing at the best prices," Balch said. "And we all share a love for golf fashion and golf apparel."

But Bogeybox doesn't just help you look good on the golf course. It also helps your game. Included in the membership fee is a free online golf lesson. Bogeybox plans to have five PGA pros by the end of March.

So if you're tired of wearing the same couple of polos and same pair of pants every round, and don't really feel like doing all the legwork to improve your golf wardrobe, there's Bogeybox Golf Club.

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